Vixie Williams

Vixie Williams_bigDespite having only been with us since September 2015, Vixie has made a significant impact within Discovery. She brings with her impressive work experience for her age, having worked with youth offenders and young people experiencing domestic violence in previous roles, being an accomplished trainer in content related to these roles as well as in sex and relationships education for young people with a variety of abilities. She also spent six months learning about youth work practice in the USA, Canada and Australia as part of her Winston Churchill Fellowship, which just adds to her expertise in the field. Following this she was involved in the development and delivery of the first ‘sexting’ education tools used as part of the PSHE curriculum in schools across this city, and the provision of specialist ‘sexting’ support for young people in crisis.

Vixie’s work experience is inspirational enough, but I find her especially admirable because of the way she has combined her feminist values with her skills as a youth worker, and how despite significant periods of mental ill health she has achieved so much. I find her inspirational also for her modesty and her constant work towards being the best she can be at everything she does.

Since joining us as our Volunteering Manager, responsible for supervising the students who run our voluntary projects and liaising with partners to build new ones, she has established herself as a very important and well-liked member of the team. Though University education wasn’t a route she took personally, her excellence working with young people has transferred perfectly into working with student volunteers and she is able to use this to support them in their volunteer roles.