Kirsty Jones

Kirsty Jones_bigKirsty Jones qualified as a Registered Adult Nurse from the College of Human & Health Sciences in 2015. She has started her nursing career in a medical/surgical ward.

As a nursing student Kirsty always looked for learning opportunities. She was always keen to approach new tasks and would ask questions to ensure continual development. Kirsty is particularly inspiring as she has the potential barriers of a hearing deficit and dyslexia, however she does not see that she has any disability. Kirsty is somebody who has set out to get on and achieve.  People experience Kirsty as being extremely enthusiastic, straight-talking and someone very open to learning. Kirsty’s communication skills are excellent, as she has a natural way of communicating with patients in an honest and straightforward way. She can pitch what she is saying at the right level for the patient. She can talk to anybody and make them feel at ease and empowered.

Kirsty’s dedication to patient involvement and advocacy was recognised when she won the 1000 Lives Plus “Hello my name is” competition in 2015. She recognised the vulnerability of patients when they did not know the name or position of the healthcare team member that was working with them, and as a student nurse realised how to resolve it. Attendance at the Quality conference in London was the competition prize, which she fully immersed herself in and returned buzzing with ideas for quality improvement, with the patients’ interests at heart. She is also a very caring team member and an asset to any multidisciplinary team. In recognition of her nursing skills she was also shortlisted for the Nursing Times Student of the Year Award.

In 2015 Kirsty was the Adult Nursing programme winner and overall College of Human & Health Sciences winner of the new Service user and carer involvement award for best practice.