Ivonne Zavala

Ivonne Zavala_bigDr. I. Zavala joined Swansea University in November 2014 as a new lecturer in Theoretical Physics. Her research aims at unravelling some of the biggest mysteries on the origin and future of our universe. This research lies at the inter-phase of cosmology and particle physics and Dr. Zavala works towards understanding the fundamental origins and nature of three of the puzzles that surround our current understanding of the universe: cosmological inflation, dark energy and dark matter.

She completed her master and PhD at the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Prof. Fernando Quevedo, current director of the International Centre for Theoretical Physics, ICTP in Trieste, Italy.

After completing her PhD, she followed the usual postdoctoral career in various countries, an experience she highly enjoyed. She believes that in order to better integrate into a new society, it is best to learn the language and manners of the country. This is why she learned German and Dutch while doing a postdoctoral period first in Germany and later in the Netherlands.

The learning of the language allowed her to know the local people and this is how she has met some of her best friends in the last years.

Besides theoretical physics, she enjoys doing “applied physics”. A former gymnast in her country, she join the University team and competed at the UK University championships as part of the Cambridge University team and more recently in the Netherlands, as part of the Groningen University team, where she got a (non-student) special permission to train and compete.

Now in Swansea, when the weather is good and the tide low, she likes to hand-walk along the beach. She also enjoys reading and listening books, watching movies and eating vegan and vegetarian food and cakes.