Bev Evans

Bev Evans 300

Bev Evans is Head of Admissions, Marketing and Recruitment for the College of Arts and Humanities. In 2001, she was approached by Sports Council for Wales, Swansea Sport and Welsh Netball Association to create and develop under an 12s girls netball club in Swansea. At the time competition was only available to girls between eighteen and fourteen years of age. Within four weeks, twenty-five girls joined and numbers were growing. Bev realised that attracting players was not enough, the club needed training facilities, competition, further funding, kit and equipment, specialist coaching and qualified umpires.  Priority for club sport was given to boys so Bev arranged meetings with local Councillors and sports councils to find facilities.  She made multiple grant applications for kit and equipment, attended coaching and umpiring courses and conferences and worked with Welsh netball to create national and regional competition. After a lot of hard work and perseverance Bev achieved all of these requirements and her success and reputation grew. By the end of 2004, the club was the largest in Wales with a membership of 115 girls. They were invited to compete in “diversity” competitions in East Birmingham, playing against ethnic minority, religious groups and community first netball teams.

Bev joined the Boys and Girls Club of Wales and offered sports workshops to teenagers from deprived communities in Europe and she wrote training programmes and sent recycled netball kit to missionary schools in Africa.

2006 was a great year for Bev - she entered her teams in the under 14 and under 17 National Wales Championships and both teams won –the club was the first in Wales to win both competitions. Bev’s eldest daughter played for U17s and her youngest daughter for U14s, so winning the competitions was one of her greatest pleasures.  After the Nationals, Bev and her teams were invited to the prestigious Swansea Sports Awards ceremony at the Brangwyn Hall.  The girls team won Swansea Youth Team of the Year and Bev won Swansea’s Coach of the Year – the first woman to achieve this award. 

Bev is certain that her netball experiences have not just impacted on her personal life but also her career progression. A big part of her role is to understand diverse and different cultures, work independently and as part of a team and she is certain that participation in girls and women’s sport has influenced who she is today.