Professor Emeritus (Conferment of Title)

Professor Emeritus (Conferment of Title)

Conferment of the Title of Emeritus Professor

  1. Subject to the provisions set out below, the title of Emeritus Professor may be conferred by the Council in recognition of an individual’s distinguished service to the University and marks the end of their employment (in any capacity) by the University.


  2. Eligibility shall be restricted to Professors of the University who have retired (after any buyback) and where there is no known further paid employment. A person who, on retirement from service at the University, takes up settled employment at another University or Higher Education Institution is not eligible for conferment of the title of Emeritus Professor. [Applications for appointments to Emeritus Professorships for cases that fall outside the normal criteria will be considered by the Professor Committee.]


  3. Emeritus Professors are ex-officio members of the University’s Court. 
  4. The title shall not carry with it any stipend or duties.
  5. Persons holding the title of Professor Emeritus may be eligible to act, exceptionally, as internal members of Appointing Committees for Chairs and Readerships, only if, by virtue of their pre-eminence in the field or profound knowledge of the specific area(s) of scholarship indicated in a particular case, they are in a better position to provide the appropriate level of expert advice than any current holder of a Personal or Established Chair in the University.


  6. When a Professor retires (after any buyback), the Human Resources Department shall, in the letter of retirement or final letter ending a Professor’s appointment, ask the Professor if they wish to be considered for the title of Emeritus Professor. 
  7. If the Professor wishes to be considered than a copy of the letter should be forwarded to the Secretary to Council.
  8. The Secretary to Council shall put the request to Council and report the outcome to the Director of Human Resources. 
  9. Where the request is approved, the Human Resources Department shall write to the Professor concerned indicating that the title has been conferred and the date the title will come into effect. A copy of this letter shall be sent to the Secretary of the University’s Court. The Secretary of Court shall also be informed of any change in status (i.e. if the individual declines the title or takes up any paid employment in the University).