Leaving Swansea University

Leaving Swansea University

If you are leaving Swansea University, we want to wish you all the best in your future.  We have provided some information below that is relevant to your transition in leaving the University.

Notice Periods

The notice period that you need to give when leaving your post at the University depends on your grade.  Please see below the notice periods for different grades:

Grades 1 - 2 1 Month
Grades 3 - 6 1 Month
Grades 7 - 10 3 Months
Grades 7 – 10 Academic Staff A full term's notice
Professorial Staff A full term's notice

If you are leaving the University there are some steps you need to take in notifying us:

1) Inform us in writing

You can inform us in writing that you are leaving, either by letter or email to your line manager.  This should include the reason and when your last working day will be (subject to your notice period and agreement with your manager).

Your manager will inform HR of your decision to leave and you will receive formal notification of your final pay and any deductions in relation to holidays etc.

If you are in a University pension scheme and want to find out information relevant to leaving the University or retirement, please visit the pensions webpages for further details and who to contact: Pensions Information.

2) Exit Questionnaire

We value your feedback on your time at the University.  You can provide us with your input by completing the Exit Questionnaire (below) and returning it to the HR department, as detailed on the form.


Exit Questionnaire

3) Return of University Property

On or before your last working day you need to return all University property that you have been given.

Property that you need to return may include, but is not limited to:

  • University Staff ID Card
  • Keys
  • Laptop
  • Uniform
  • Phone

4) Access your Payslips and P60

You may wish to download your payslips and P60 before you leave on our ABW system.  Your ABW account will close immediately after your last day with the University.

Login to access your payslips and P60

Additional Information - Relating to Professor Emeritus (Conferment of Title)

Professor Emeritus (Conferment of Title)