Adverse Weather Conditions

University policy in cases of severe weather:

General Principles:

The University recognises that adverse weather conditions may make travelling to work problematic on some occasions. However, while the University is committed to protecting the health and safety of its staff, it must ensure that disruption caused to its services remains minimal. It is therefore expected that staff will make every reasonable effort, taking into account issues of personal safety, to attend work during adverse weather conditions. In cases where weather conditions prohibit driving or the use of public transport, staff should consider walking to work, where it is reasonably practicable to do so and bearing in mind issues of personal safety.

Where adverse weather conditions are predicted:

Where adverse weather conditions are predicted, staff are strongly advised to consult with their Head of College / Director / Line Manager to see if working from home may be an option.

Where staff are unable to report for duty:

Where staff are unable to reach their place of work, or to do so may risk being unable to return home safely, they should contact their Head of College / Director / Line Manager to agree the appropriate course of action. Possible actions may include:

  • Taking annual leave
  • Using flexi time / time in lieu
  • Taking unpaid leave
  • Working from home
  • Or apply a combination of the above options.

Heads of College / Directors / Line Managers must record any action agreed and, where appropriate, adjust time sheets and clocking systems accordingly. Where members of staff are unable to contact the relevant manager, they should seek to contact the University’s Human Resources Department as to advice on appropriate action. Where, for any reason, agreement as to appropriate action cannot be achieved, the matter will be referred – in due course – to the Director of Human Resources who will act according to current policies and procedures to resolve any dispute.

Working from Home:

In cases where working from home is approved, staff should take appropriate work home with them, taking into account issues relating to security of data, etc. Staff who are given Human Resources Adnoddau Dynol approval to work from home will be paid on the basis of a normal days pay.

Late arrival / Early Finish:

Staff who arrive late and/or finish early due to adverse weather conditions will be paid a normal days pay.

University Closure:

In cases where the University is closed due to adverse weather conditions, staff will be paid a normal days pay.