Plan ahead..


Dedicate sufficient time..

The recruitment of staff can often take far more time than anticipated. From the point when the replacement or new post has been agreed the minimum time required to interview for the post is six to eight weeks. This allows two weeks for grading of the post and preparation of the documentation, a week for redeployment, four weeks for advertising the post and one week for shortlisting and inviting candidates to interview the following week. This is the minimum turnaround time and in most cases the process takes much longer.

A step by step flowchart is available to give you an idea on what is involved in the process: recruitment flowchart

Planning is key

Following the approval of the new post or the replacement careful planning is required to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible. 

Preparing the documentation

It is important that due care and time is spent upon the preparation of the recruitment documentation.  The proformas need to be completed in as much detail as possible.

Planning the Selection Process

Think ahead about what the selection process involves and ensure this is communicated to applicants in the job details.Arrange the shortlisting date in advance - if the date is specified in the documentation it will reduce the queries from applicants who will know when to expect a response from the University

Arrange the selection / interview in advance and make this clear in the documentation.  Panel members will need to schedule this in to their diary at an early stage.  This ensures the process runs smoothly and as timely as possible.

The panel should reflect the diversity of the University as far as possible and every effort should be made to ensure a gender and ethnic balance of panel members.