Arranging the Selection Process


Think carefully about the best way of making the selection decision - format of the interview, presentation, work based exercise, written exercise.

Applicants should be given reasonable notice of the date and time of the interview. 

A reasonable amount of time should be allowed to conduct the interviews in a fair and consistent manner.

Arrangements must include:

  • Panel members in accordance with the agreed composition Composition of Interview Panels
  • Room for interviews, presentations and/or tests
  • Facilities for presentation/tests
  • Catering facilities if required
  • Accommodation for candidates who do not live locally

Some examples of the type of adjustments to interview arrangements which would be appropriate for applicants include the following: 

  1. allowing a person with a learning disability to bring a supportive person such as a care worker or a relative to assist with answering questions
  2. allowing longer time for an interview for someone with a hearing impairment who is using a sign language interpreter to assist with communication
  3. Rearranging an interview if the date falls on a religious holiday for an applicant.

(Further guidance on appropriate adjustments to interview arrangements for disabled applicants can be obtained from the Human Resources Department).

The role of the Chair

The role of the Chair is to make the candidate feel welcome, introduce the panel and to ensure the interview is fair, covers the key areas and keeps to time.

The chair should ensure that all panel members complete an individual form for each candidate and sign the declaration of interest form.
In addition the chair should complete the Panel Summary form.

The Chair will be:
• the Head of Department for all support roles and Research posts. 
• a senior academic or administrator
• a Pro-Vice Chancellor or other senior management representative for all Academic posts.

Prior to Commencement of Interview:

1. Assess whether there is any conflict of interest arising from a personal, familial, financial or other relationship with any of the applicants, which should prevent their participation in the proceedings.  Decide whether the responses require further consideration, any panel member who declares an interest must have indicated this when they signed the Interview panel form L9157  (Appendix XII)
2. Ask the Head of the Department to clarify the nature of the appointment using the person specification to draw attention to the criteria for appointment.
3. Agree the format of the questions to be asked of candidates.
4. Organise the distribution and order of relevant questions to members of the panel.
5. Ascertain whether panel members are aware/have been trained in Equal Opportunities/Race Equality.

During the Interview:


1. Welcome candidates to the interview.  Introduce the panel members to the candidates briefly outlining their relevance to the proceedings.
2. Explain the purpose of the interview and provide an outline of the interview structure.
3. Explain that notes of the interview will be kept by the University to assist with the selection process.

Additional Information

1. Invite the candidate to provide any relevant further information that may not have been covered in the interview, but which they feel is relevant to their application.
2. Offer the candidate the opportunity to ask questions about the post or the University. 

Closure of Interview

1. Thank the candidate for attending.
2. Explain how and when they will be notified of a decision