Approval background

Prior to the advertisement of any vacancy approval to appoint must be obtained via the following methods:

a)   The Finance Department

- for posts which are within the University establishment and are funded by central University funds.

b)   Research, Engagement & Innovation Services

- for externally funded appointments such as, European funded posts; Research funded posts; Other external funding, eg NHS, secondments etc.

 c)  The Post Approvals Working Group (PAWG)

 - for posts which are new or outside of the University's establishment.  PAWG is a meeting between the Director of Finance and the Director of HR and they meet weekly during term time to consider all requests to appoint to Department or School/College funded and HEFCW funded posts and all appointments at Senior Lecturer level and above regardless of the funding source.

d)   The Senior Management Team

- for posts which are referred by PAWG and all Academic posts




For all other approvals for contractual changes such as the extension of contracts, additional hours or any other increase in cost approval should be on an L6666 (Post Approvals Form)



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HOW TO.....



1. Complete the Requisition - Log into Lumesse and create a new job opening then enter the details required for financial approval.  Your Business Partnering Team contact will provide support and guidance with completing the new job opening form. 

When this requisition is completed click on CREATE

2. The Approval Chain -You will have completed the requisition, added the approval team. The approval will be sent electronically (depending on funding) for approval.                            

Once the approval chain has been started an email will appear which is a standard email but can be changed if you want to add any information or personalise the email.  Click on Submit to send the email and start the approval chain

The approver will be notified in their Inbox as well as in the Task box on their Lumesse homepage.  As a manager you will need to check the progress of your requisition and any comments made during the approval stage will be recorded in Lumesse.  This may include rejection comments.

3. Requisition Approval - When the post has been approved your Business Partnering Team contact will discuss this with you and move the vacancy on through the process

4. Requisition rejection - If the requisition is rejected at any stage then this needs to be discussed outside of the system and the reasons for the rejection notified to the Manager. The requisition will then need to be edited as required and then saved and re-submitted for approval.