The accommodation process - application to arrival

Students start making their accommodation application in May. The following information takes you through the accommodation process from Application to Arrival (May-September).

APRIL / MAY 2011

  • First year students should apply for accommodation from 4 May 2011.
  • We send an email late April/early May with details of how to apply.
  • Email contains the Student Number which the student will use throughout their time here

As a parent or guardian, if you want to ensure your son/daughter is choosing wisely, be sure that they have considered the most important aspect of the accommodation be it:

  • Cost of accommodation
  • Location
  • Room Type / Size
  • Catering
  • Parking Facilities (not available on Singleton Campus Residence)


Unconditional and conditional students are guaranteed a place in our accommodation if we receive their application by 30 June - see our Allocations Policy.

Note for local students:

If you are living locally please think carefully about whether university accommodation is something you are willing to commit to for the duration of the tenancy.  

  • Often students find that they wish to travel from home after the first or second term.  
  • Once a contract is signed financial liability remains with the students for the full term of the contract.


  • We will send accommodation offers to students holding unconditional offers from 14 July 2011.
  • This includes students not waiting on results - for example students that may have deferred from last year.  
  • Students must accept the offer within 7 days and pay the reservation deposit, offers are generally sent out on a Friday.


  • Most offers of accommodation are sent out the first week after 'A' level results.
  • If results are delayed it can take 2 weeks to receive an offer.  
  • Make sure that the Accommodation Account (link) is checked weekly as offers expire after 7 days.

Offers are generally sent out on a Friday.

Before arrival, some good tips of topics to discuss are:

  • Budgeting - receiving the first student loan can be the first time budgeting money for essentials such as food, travel, books, tuition fees and residence fees.
  • Safety and Security
  • Diet - cooking tips /skills. Student well-being can sometimes be affected by poor diet.


Students should have received an offer for accommodation, paid the reservation deposit and received a Key Collection Sheet for Arrivals Weekend (link) and completed an online induction.  

The Induction covers information, advice, guidance and Health and Safety information that all students must complete before arrival.

Most students arriving at university will be moving away from home for the first time and this can be both an exciting and a nervous time (for you all!).  

There are many support services within the university and few problems are issues not dealt with before.

With accommodation problems we encourage students to talk to the Welfare Wardens.

For other concerns, Student Support Services is the best place to start.

Welfare wardens are

  • Students that work alongside Residence staff as the key contacts for student life in residence.
  • Help to encourage a sense of community, alongside maintaining discipline so all residents enjoy their time in university.    
  • Welfare Wardens, who live in residence, are also the first point of call if a student becomes unwell, needs to talk to someone, or is looking for advice.