In recent years, nanotechnology has been closely linked with applications in almost every industry. The application of nanotechnology in healthcare offers incredible opportunities and is an area where significant growth is now beginning to emerge.

The Centre for NanoHealth (CNH) at Swansea University combines nanotechnology with medical science to provide opportunities to benefit patients, healthcare providers and the healthcare industry both across Wales and globally.

This Clinical and Biomedical research environment allows access to patients and creates an integrated facility in which novel devices, processes and sensors essential for the earliest detection of disease onset, developed for point of care, near–patient and in vivo application can be designed, manufactured, functionalised, tested and evaluated.

 The centre offers expertise in the following areas:-

  1. Biology and advanced cell imaging 
  2. Characterisation with equipment capable of electrical, physical & chemical analysis
  3. Micro-Nano fabrication of sensors and devices


The CNH offers access to over 50 academic staff from the Colleges of Medicine, Engineering and Science, Health Board (NHS) clinicians, and industry. This facility provides a technology and innovation base for SMEs in Wales and beyond. To date CNH has initiated many collaborative projects with industry and other HEIs realising more than £15 Million further investment.  Read more...


The centre is located within the new Institute of Life Science 2 (ILS2) building on the site of Singleton Hospital over two floors. The building consists of 1600m2 of state of the art facilities including dedicated laboratory space and offices for research, academic and project staff. The CNH offers a fully integrated nanotechnology and biomedical R&D environment.  Read more...