Franchised Degree Students

Information for students studying on a franchised degree course

Whilst students on franchised degree courses may not be physically based in Swansea University, they are still classed as Swansea University students and are able to access the support available from the University. Details of some of the support available is detailed below:

Financial Support Available - Money@CampusLife

Students studying on a franchised degree course are still able to apply for the usual student loans and grants applicable to other full time students. If students are struggling to obtain their funding or have any questions, they can seek advice from our advisors.  For more information on what is available, please visit out student loans and grants page.

The Swansea University Opportunity Award is also available to those who are struggling financially during their studies. Students should apply online, using the online application form, ensuring all relevant documentation is uploaded to the form. For more information please visit our Opportunity Award Webpage

If you wish to speak to an advisor about anything money related, please contact us