Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research

The Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Research (MEMO) brings together more than twenty scholars working in the fields of literature, history, philosophy, European languages and classical studies, covering the period approximately 400 to 1800 CE. Our latest news and research themes are highlighted here:

News and Events

Just announced! Symposium by the Sea 28-29 June 2018:

Britain and its Neighbours: Cultural contacts and exchanges in medieval and early modern Europe

See our Twitter feed for details of the CFP.

British Library Ms Harley 4425

Nature and Nurture

Oystermouth Castle

Wales, England and the Marches

Mandeville Seal

Power, Conflict and Empire

Chethams Library

Texts and their Contexts

Early Modern Itinerary

Place and Space

Recipients of charity, Pia Almonia, Lleida, Spain, 14th century

Gender, Health and the Human Body

Student field visit to Berlin

The Enduring Past


MEMO has a thriving postgraduate community. We offer an interdisciplinary MA Medieval Studies and further MA and PhD opportunities are listed on the College postgraduate pages.