Duncan is an academic GP trainee (GPST2) working part-time as a lecturer in Clinical Education and Primary care at the University of Worcester.

Alongside his clinical and teaching commitments, Duncan is completing a PhD in medical education at the University of Exeter. His work focuses on the impact of dyslexia on the education and practice of doctors in training. Research activities, to date, have drawn on a wide range or methodologies, including qualitative methods from sociology, psychology and education, and mixed methods approaches. He has a background in teaching and learner support, and has led on initiatives that centre on the issues of doctors in difficulty, learners with mental health issues and learner wellbeing.

Whilst at medical school, Duncan developed a mindfulness-based programme to address stress management in medical students, which was evaluated and led to further work with the London Deanery’s coaching and mentoring team. Duncan continues his work in mentoring – both as a mentor, and as a lead for mentor training in the West Midlands.