Professor Andrew Grant

Andy Grant is Dean of Medical Education at Swansea University School of Medicine (SUMS).

Dr Debbie Cohen

Debbie is an Occupational Physician. 

Janet Yates

Janet worked in the Medical Education Unit at Nottingham from 2003-2013, completing various research projects which focussed mainly on 'struggling' medical students.

Ana Sergio Da Silva

Ana is currently a lecturer and researcher in Medical Education at the Medical School, Swansea University.  

Dr Duncan Shrewsbury

Duncan is an academic GP trainee (GPST2) working part-time as a lecturer in Clinical Education and Primary care at the University of Worcester. 

Leona Walsh

Following a career in Interpreting & Translation and working with vulnerable groups, I was seconded to the School of Postgraduate Medical & Dental Education (Wales Deanery) to work with Asylum Seeking and Refugee Doctors in 2001.

Peter Winter

Peter Winter is an ESRC-funded PhD Student at the Department of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield.

Clare Owen

Clare is a Policy Adviser at the Medical Schools Council. 

Andrew Rix

Andrew Rix is a retired Chartered Occupational Psychologist who has been involved in organisational research for forty years.