Who we are:

The Unit for study of Doctors’ and Medical Students’ Mental Health and Wellbeing is a group of academics, researchers and support staff. We are hosted by Swansea University School of Medicine. We are brought together by a common interest in the provision of support for medical students and doctors who have mental health problems.

Medical students and doctors in training are more prone to mental illness than the general population and age-matched controls. This is exacerbated by the fact that being a junior doctor or a medical student might prevent you from getting the medical care and support you need should you develop a problem with your mental health.

Our work is motivated by two fundamental principles.

  1. Medical students and doctors in training are entitled to accessible mental health care and their career choice should not, in any way, inhibit them from accessing this care if and when it is needed.
  2. The general public has a vested interest in the mental health of present and future doctors. It is in their interests that the doctors treating them have accessed appropriate care for any mental health concerns.