Swansea Postgraduate Education Centre for Training and Reserach in Analytical Mass Spectrometry

MSc, MRes, PG Diploma, PG Certificate

These unique programmes are designed to give Science and Engineering graduates a vocationally-relevant qualification which will equip them with skills and expertise to enter a wide range of industries.

World demand for mass spectrometry and chromatography has been growing at an unprecedented rate, with qualified graduates in short supply and highly sought-after. Swansea is the only institution in the UK to offer a range of schemes designed to meet this gap, drawing upon expertise in the Institute of Mass Spectrometry, based at a long established UK centre of excellence.

Key features include:

  • Developed in conjunction with major UK industrial partners to ensure maximum industry relevance and employability. The schemes focus on liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LCMS)
  • Applications modules will prepare graduates for a range of careers relating to pharmaceuticals, medical and life sciences, food and nutrition, forensic sciences and archaeology, amongst others
  • MSc, MRes, Diploma and Certificate programmes available to suit candidates from a range of backgrounds
  • A hands-on, flexible course open to graduates from Science and Engineering subjects
  • Features guest lecturers from industry, hands-on experience of specialist instrumentation and teaching of the latest innovative techniques in mass spectrometry and separation sciences.