UK National Mass Spectrometry Facility

A Centre for Excellence in Mass Spectrometry

The Institute of Mass Spectrometry is home to the National Mass Spectrometry Facility (NMSF), formerly known as the EPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Service Centre (NMSSC) until April 2013. The NMSF offers comprehensive mass spectrometry service for university research groups throughout the UK.

Swansea University has long been established as a centre of excellence for mass spectrometry, with the siting of the Royal Society Research Unit in the 1970’s followed by the Mass Spectrometry Research Unit and then the EPSRC National Mass Spectrometry Centre in the 1980s.  This Facility is open to all universities and businesses in the UK. 


Extensive hardware and software
infrastructure for chemical, biochemical, and materials studies

Accurate mass and structural elucidation for unknowns; quantitation of known compounds

Fundamental and applied studies; education, training and outreach activities

Enhanced services, including research collaborative work, consultancy services,
difficult analyses and commercial contracts


Thermofisher LTQ Orbitrap XL (×2) and
Waters Xevo G2-S ToF: electrospray, nano- electrospray and atmospheric pressure chemical ionisation

Waters GCT Premier and Thermofisher Trace-DSQ-II: gas chromatography mass spectrometry with
electron or chemical ionisation

Bruker ultrafleXtreme and Applied Biosystems Voyager DE-STR: matrix-assisted laser

Finnigan MAT 95 XP: electron ionisation, chemical ionisation an liquid secondary
ion mass spectrometry

National Mass Spectrometry Facility

National Mass Spectrometry Facility