Young College scientists honoured at prestigious international conference

Two young College of Medicine scientists have won prizes at a prestigious US conference in recognition of their research into DNA damage

At the annual conference held by the Environmental Mutagen and Genomics Society (EMGS) in Orlando, Dr Hasan Haboubi won the prize for best poster based on research work on a blood test for oesophageal cancer while PhD student Kate Chapman won the best oral presentation by a new investigator for her talk on p53, a protein that works as a tumour suppressor which helps prevent cancer.

DNA winners

Professor Gareth Jenkins, Director of Research at the College of Medicine said: “The EMGS conference is a major event and attracts experts from around the world. Only two prizes are awarded at the event for presented research by young scientists and so the fact that Hasan and Kate won both awards reflects fantastically well on them and on the work of the DNA Damage Research Group at the College of Medicine.”

Head of the College of Medicine, Professor Keith Lloyd said: “On behalf of College of Medicine I congratulate both Hasan and Kate for their achievement and I hope that they build on this success to continue their excellent research in what is becoming an area of strength for the College."

Pictured: Dr Hasan Haboubi and Kate Chapman