World-leading US expert’s Swansea workshop on ‘Inspiring the Deepest Kindness: ACT, Self-Care, and Self-Compassion’

Swansea University Medical School will host a two-day workshop led by Professor Kelly G Wilson, one of the co-founders of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), later this month.

Professor Wilson, Director of the University of Mississippi Centre for Contextual Psychology, will lead the ‘Inspiring the Deepest Kindness: ACT, Self-Care, and Self-Compassion’workshop on January 30-31.  The workshop is the only one to be held in Europe which is open to the public as well as healthcare workers.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is an evidence-based treatment grounded in emerging clinical science, which demonstrates the broad utility of mindfulness and values in human wellbeing.

This experiential workshop will introduce well-established lifestyle factors that contribute to depression, anxiety and stress, and enable attendees to implement small changes by which every person can begin a steady programme of harm reduction. 

This workshop, which is sponsored by the UK Society for Behaviour Analysis (UK SBA), will show how these lifestyle changes can de-stress both healthcare workers and their clients.

The workshop will also bring the tools acquired to bear directly on clients with addiction and co-occurring psychological disorders, and show how the interface between mindfulness and values work in ACT can promote life enhancing change and powerful therapeutic alliance.

One of the workshop’s convenors, Dr Alice Hoon, of Swansea University Medical School, said: “The Medical School is delighted to welcome Professor Wilson to Swansea again, after his first and highly successful workshop visit to the University in 2011. We have many different health professionals, psychologists, and education professionals from the UK and abroad attending.

“As a co-founder and foremost expert on ACT, we look forward to learning from Professor Wilson about simple lifestyle changes that we can all make to reduce the impact of stress, and enable a fulfilling life.”

For the full workshop programme, fee details, and to register visit