Swansea University’s College of Medicine tops UK survey of young doctors

Doctors graduating from the College of Medicine at Swansea University feel better prepared for their first post than doctors from any other medical school in the UK, according to a comprehensive nationwide survey of newly-qualified doctors.

The survey covered graduates from all 33 medical schools in the UK and focused on those who have started work since summer 2014.  It was carried out by Dr Clare van Hamel of the Severn Deanery.

One of the key questions was how well-prepared the new doctors feel as they embark on their first post.

  • 89% of doctors recently graduated from Swansea “agreed” or “strongly agreed” with the statement that they were adequately prepared for their first post.  This is the joint highest score in the UK when compared to all other UK medical schools.
  • Swansea topped the survey on 4 of the 10 individual areas where new doctors were asked to say how prepared they felt (eg “familiarity with the equipment”, “know who to ask for help”).
  • Swansea was also the medical school with the lowest proportion of new doctors reporting feelings of ‘chronic anxiety’

Dr Wyn Harris, Foundation Transition Director at the College of Medicine and a Consultant Physician and Geriatrician at ABM University Health Board, said:

“These are excellent results, particularly as they relate to our first ever cohort of graduates.   They show that the Swansea Graduate Entry Medicine course prepares its graduates well for the realities of starting work in the modern NHS”