The College of Medicine was proud to host a number of Japanese delegates from the National Military Defence College in Tokyo, during a visit to Swansea University between 19th – 25th March.

Jap IanDelegates visited Professor Ian Palister in the Clinical School in Morriston Hospital

The group from the National Defence Medical College in Tokyo consisting of professors and students, met with their counterparts here in Swansea University for an informative insight into elements of the College of Medicine.

The visit was part of a continued collaboration between the College of Medicine and the National Military Defence College in Tokyo. The collaboration is to explore areas of activity and exchange between staff and medical students, including student electives and observational visits; simulation; postgraduate programme development including Trauma Surgery, Orthopaedics and Public Health and faculty development of teachers.

Jap Steve HubDelegates visited the Institute of Life Science for a tour with Professor Steve Conlan

The Tokyo College trains medical students and doctors for the Japanese military and therefore our Trauma Surgery masters’ course (also run in conjunction with the UK Military Defence) is a prime example of where collaboration and exchange could help both countries. 

The next stage of the collaboration will be taken forward in liaison with Retired Major General Ken Matsui, who now lives here in Swansea on his forthcoming visit to Tokyo.

For more information on the collaboration please email Paul Jones;

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