Bridging the Gaps ‘Gym Study’ Winners Announced

Thank you to all who responded to the recent GYM-HED survey. The winner of the £100 Amazon vouchers has now been drawn by Andrea Buck, BTG Programme Manager. Congratulations to Carolyn Greig.

In an increasingly sedentary society governed by immediacy, the gym has become a site where the tension between the desire for instant gratification and the inescapable necessity of hard work is played out. The Bridging the Gaps ‘Gym Study’ explores this tension, focusing on the university gym, firmly embedded within a work-life environment and culture that exemplifies endless desk work for both staff and students whilst simultaneously extolling the virtues of health, wellbeing and activity.

Interdisciplinary activity is examining gym use and culture for sustaining good health, adherence and disincentives to going to the gym, and perceived health benefits. The work is being undertaken by a strongly collaborative team of academics and researchers across the Colleges of Medicine, Science and Engineering, and includes health services researchers, human geographers and sports health scientists. In addition the study is being supported by the Healthy Universities Committee with assistance from Swansea University gym.

Preliminary findings will be submitted to the Bridging The Gaps team by the end of July, with the full findings being submitted for publication in the Autumn.
The GYM-HED study was funded through the Bridging the Gaps seedcorn funding scheme.  It is being carried out by Dr Hayley Hutchings and Professor Frances Rapport from the College of Medicine, in collaboration with colleagues from the Colleges of Science (Human Geography) and Engineering (Sports Science) and Leeds Metropolitan University.  The study involved gym observation as well as a student and staff survey to explore why individuals choose to use or not use a University gym.  The findings from the study will be published soon.
Andrea Buck from Bridging the Gaps comments that "this study clearly demonstrates the value of multi-disciplinary working across the University and will help to promote the Healthy University agenda to which the University is committed".

For more information, please contact Dr Hayley Hutchings or Professor Frances Rapport