Network Science Research Centre

Example Projects

CINEW: Development of knowledge network and collaboration tools to support innovation in western periphery regions of Europe. Network and Relationship science tools were used to map and develop networks to support development of new enterprises and collaborations. This work has been supported through European Structural Funds via the Atlantic Arc ERDF Programme.

Local Area Coordination: Network and Relationship science tools are being applied by NSRC to evaluate the deployment of LAC across the Western Bay region, in a pilot effort to enhance community resilience, social inclusion and improve individuals’ wellbeing.

Life Sciences Ecosystem: Working with key stakeholders in the regional life sciences ecosystem, NSRC is undertaking a number of projects ranging from MSc studies through to sector evaluations in partnership with major multinationals to enhance collaboration in innovation.  

Mission Statement

To advance the application of Network/Relationship Science principles and technologies to advance innovation, environmental sustainability, promote global security and stability, and to transform the way we live and work as well as to improve the human condition – one person, one city, one nation at a time.