About Perpetuus Advanced Materials

Whilst the market for graphenes and its derivatives is significant,  due to the economics and potential for post-production toxic pollutants of current conventional graphene production methods, the market suffers from a lack of availability of cost effective, surface modified graphenes (SMGs) and functionalised graphene products, in the industrial scale volumes necessary to render the mass-market exploitation and volume take up of graphenes a reality.

Perpetuus Advanced Materials’ (PAM) patent pending twin-platform technologies, is based on the mass production of graphenes, surface modified graphenes and functionalised graphene heterostructure, and application development technologies designed to meet the key parameters required to move graphenes out of the R&D stage into the industrial exploitation phase.

PAM was incorporated in 2013 with the primary objective of developing and commercialising a cost effective “clean“ process for producing surface modified graphenes, starting with carbon components, before moving on to graphenes, graphane and molybdenum disulphide. In order to commercialise the production of specialised surface nano engineered graphenes, PAM has acquired all the components necessary to meet its goals for global commercial traction. Consequently Perpetuus has brought in all the hard components, along with the team of talented scientists necessary to realise it’s corporate objectives.

1.     Production. An in-house developed, state-of-the-art nanoparticle manufacturing facility, based on a computer controlled plasma reactor that currently produces tonnes of materials such as surface engineered functionalised graphenes.

2.     Environmental Impact Analysis. Perpetuus is a company with an environmental conscience and therefore has a facility supervised by Dr Afshin Tarat and scientists devoted to understanding the potential environmental impact, life-cycle analysis and potential toxicology impact of the company’s products and application technology.

3.     Application Development of real world commercial applications. The market now expects to purchase graphenes suitable for a specific purpose or application. Perpetuus provides collaborative application R&D solutions form its Graphene Cell R&D Centre

4.      Commercial Sales  Heraeus  a  Multi billion turnover Global Blue Chip  now sells and distributes the Perpetuus range of graphene enabled inks on a global basis