About Biovici Ltd

Biovici is continually looking at new models in the operational benefits of Point of Care: More rapid decision making, reduce operating times, reduce high-dependency, postoperative care time, reduce emergency room time, reduce number of outpatient clinic visits, reduce number of hospital beds required, ensure optimal use of professional time.

Partnership and Collaborative

By adopting a partnership and collaborative approach to Biovici solutions products are designed together with Health Care professionals at the sharp end of diagnostics. Consultation with other Industry Professionals to bring real benefits to health care an open mind to collaboration not competition.

 BIOVICI continual focus is to bring major benefits by providing Point of Care Technology which converts biological data and its transfer into an electronic medical record. Biovici result driven information can be shared instantaneously in any part of the Health Care chain from Paramedics first at the scene in Acute Care to Accident and Emergency Departments. The software interface enhancing communication by decreasing turnaround time in patient diagnosis. A reduction in morbidity and mortality has been associated with these techniques when used in conjunction with point of care and electronic records.


Biovici focus is also on the many of the use point of care devices which would not only be performed in primary care but could equally be performed by individuals upon themselves or family members. With the public are already accustomed to pregnancy testing kits blood pressure monitors and those for cholesterol measurement. Biovic believes that by consumer demand the number of tests will increase and, as long as quality is maintained and explicit instructions for use provided including electronic media, these could augment the healthcare professionals by helping patients to make informed decisions for minor conditions  This together with Biovici  expertise in the transfer of telecom data- either after consultation with a pharmacist or self-test can establish on whether a medical appointment is required to obtain further advice and treatment. Costs savings for the use of Biovici Point of Care products to the health industry will be substantial