Swansea Hub for Autism Research and Education (SHARE)

‌SHARE is an initiative that has the aim of bringing together various collaborative partners from across South West Wales in order to improve the lives of everyone living with Autism.

Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition that can have a number of issues that affect how a person communicates, relates to other people, and it may also present with learning difficulties, mental health concerns, challenging behaviours, and other co-morbidities (such as epilepsy).

Currently, it is estimated that there is an incidence rate of 1:100 in the UK and 1:68 rate in the USA. In 2013, the National Institute for Healthcare and Clinical Excellence (NICE) estimated that with the provision of support and lost productivity, Autism economically costs the UK £28bn per year.

In 2009, the UK government introduce the first ever condition specific Act of Parliament via the Autism Act. This Act outlines the governmental and statutory priorities for the provision of Autism care in the UK. Subsequently, all the devolve regions of the UK produced Autism Strategies to detail how they were going to implement these statutes within clinical, education and social care services.

In 2013, Swansea University Medical School established the MSc in Autism and Related Conditions course which has the primary aim of improving the understanding of autism amongst educational, health, medical and social care professionals in order to improve the quality of life of an individual living with autism. This course is now in the expansion phase of development, whereby under the course umbrella, the Medical School is now offering professional development, skills training and postgraduate research opportunities in the area of autism.

Therefore, in order to assist with the further development in postgraduate taught courses, the research capacity building within this field and the establishment of collaborations with other national and international autism centres’ of excellence; we are establishing the Swansea Hub for Autism Research and Education (SHARE) to support skills training, research and service delivery. 

The main goal for SHARE

Over the next 5 years, the main goal for SHARE is establish a purpose built Autism Centre to the focal point for the four key areas for SHARE:


SHARE has become an integral part of the A Regional Collaboration for Health (ARCH) project, which is collaboration between two university health boards, Abertawe Bro Morgannwg (ABMU) and Hywel Dda; and Swansea University. It is planned for SHARE to establish an Autism Centre in Swansea and Llanelli.

The objective of SHARE is to bring everyone from health, science, education and social care (from across the public and third sectors) together in order to provide skills training, research opportunities, innovation in service provision and support to all those who are living with autism. It will provide the infrastructure to promote investment, integration of services, skills development, research capacity building and a world leading innovative centre that would improve the health and quality of life of all those living with autism in south west wales.

Understanding Autism and Related Conditions

Swansea University Medical School has various opportunities for all who live or work with individuals with autism to undertake supported learning and research opportunities, ranging from single courses to postgraduate research.

Continued Professional Development

Swansea Universtiy Medical School offers the following modules as standalone opportunities for prospective students to undertake continued professional development (CPD) in the area of Autism and Related Conditions: 

  • Diagnosis and Assessment of Autism and Related Conditions
  • Living with Autism and Related Conditions
  • Management of Autism and Related Conditions
  • Foundations of Behaviour
  • Childhood and Adult Services for Autism and Related Conditions
  • Law and Policy for Autism and Related Conditions

You can enroll on the above modules as either an Associate Student (who will be required to complete the module(s) assessments) or as a Non-Associate Student (who can attend all teaching sessions but will not be required to complete any assessments). Throughout the year, there will be a number of Conituned Professional Development days and evening seminars. 

Postgraduate Taught Courses

The Master's in Autism and Related Conditions, which is also available at Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate level as well as on a part time basis, is a unique training and development programme leading to a postgraduate qualification for those professionals who are seeking to advance and specialise their knowledge and practice in Autism. 

For more information about our postgraduate courses, please visit the MSc Autism and Related Conditions course page.

Postgraduate Research Opportunities

SHARE welcomes enquiries from perspective students who wish to be supported to complete research into autism and other related conditions across any of the following opportunities:

For information and advice on applying for any of these opportunities, please contact the us directly at autism@swansea.ac.uk.