What our students say

Charlotte Crumpler'I made the best decision of my life in 2014 when I decided to transfer to Swansea University to study Media and Communications; I’m studying a subject I’m passionate about in a city I love.  Swansea itself is vibrant and busy with long beaches and plenty to experience, I feel so lucky to live here. Not only do you have everything on your doorstep as a student, you’re also treated to friendly peers and staff who will go out of their way to make sure you succeed.  This is my second and final year at Swansea as an undergraduate and since moving here I’ve been offered so many opportunities; not only are my grades improving but also my experiences. I’ve undergone two internships whilst studying which have really improved my confidence in what my future goals are and in myself.  I’ve also had the chance to volunteer with a charity based in the university, who have given me the chance to be a trustee and to experience a month in Zambia volunteering.  My course and subject lecturers are brilliant; I never thought I’d be able to openly say that I enjoy writing essays or attending lectures. The great thing about the campus is that everything you need is there; lecturers have hours to lend you for guidance, there are dedicated teams of people to help you with any issues, the library is mind-blowing and there’s even a shop, a theatre, a bar and a club… what more could a student need?  Which is why I’m in the process of applying to do a master’s degree here, I don’t want to leave. '

Charlotte Crumpler


'One of the best opportunities I’ve been offered, and another main reason why I chose to study at Swansea University specifically, is the internship module. Local businesses around Swansea University, as well as the campus itself, have proven to be more than welcoming when it comes to interns. The choice to enrol in this module allows students to gain professional experience while learning to balance the work for the company with their university studies. In order to gain the best experience possible, I selected to do my internship in my field of study. My internship placement involved working with the College of Arts and Humanities Marketing Department in the university. I feel as though the opportunity to work with faculty who have experience in a field that is in line with my career goals will immensely benefit me not only as I work towards the completion of my degree, but also throughout the remainder of my life as I search for a job.' 

Marissa Yoder