Dealing with loneliness in later life – a pocket guide

A researcher from the Centre for Innovative Ageing at Swansea University has written a pocket guide of hints and tips to help tackle loneliness felt by older adults.

The guide entitled: Making a difference: A pocket guide to help you deal with loneliness stemmed from Dr Deborah Morgan’s PhD research project entitled: “The Transient Nature of Loneliness and Social Isolation in Later Life”. 

The guide offers advice for combating loneliness in later life such as contacting old friends, making new connections, and using technology to keep in touch with people.  There is also a useful contacts section and advice on how to look after your wellbeing. 

Of the guide, Dr Morgan said: “The guide arose out of informal discussions with Ageing Well in Wales around the need for a pocket guide to help lonely older adults and the wider community to find solutions to address loneliness. The guide draws on the solutions and coping strategies employed by lonely and isolated older adults in my study, who were transitioning out of loneliness. The response to the guide has been fantastic, and feedback from Ageing Well in Wales is that the guide is starting conversations about loneliness.”

The guide is available in branches of Barclays Bank across Wales.

Download the guide Dealing with loneliness in later life – a pocket guide .