Subject Team Service Aims

For each academic College within the University, the Library has a team of subject librarians. These Subject Teams liaise with the Colleges to provide library support for their learning, teaching and research needs.

Our Aims for Learning

Subject librarian teams support students to learn more effectively by:

  • Encouraging use of scholarly literature and reputable sources.
  • Delivering literature searching sessions in the effective use of academic databases.
  • Answering enquiries via email, phone, social media and in person.
  • Providing support and training in citing and referencing sources according to agreed university styles.
  • Providing support and training in managing references.
  • Ensuring provision of current relevant book stock and journal subscriptions.

Our Aims for Teaching

We aim to contribute to the teaching of the university by:

  • Providing formal inductions to the library for all students.
  • Offering information skills teaching to all students and staff.
  • Advising on the aquisition of appropriate subject resources.
  • Providing support for online reading lists.
  • Providing advice on the selection of suitable online resources for teaching and copyright.
  • Attending meetings of faculty, staff-student committees and similar bodies.

Our Aims for Research

We aim to support the University's commitment to research excellence by:

  • Providing access to library and archive materials, research discovery tools and bibliographic software.
  • Delivering group and one to one training in library research methods - including bibliographic databases and reference management software.
  • Raising awareness and providing advice on open access publishing.
  • Promoting and encouraging the use of tools to ensure recognition and impact for SU research and researchers.
  • Providing specialised librarian support for systematic reviews.