Entry Level

All the Mynediad (Entry Level) courses are suitable for absolute beginners however, they differ in the intensity and the way in which they are taught.  Click here.

Intermediate Level

Canolradd - The emphasis is still on speaking, but a little more writing, reading and listening is introduced. Click here.

Proficiency Level

Graenus - For people who speak Welsh fluently (1st or 2nd language) who wish to improve their command of the language. Click here.

Welsh for the Family

Specifically designed for parents, family and carers of young children. Click here.

Online Courses

We offer two online clourse one for beginners and a proficiency course for those who wish to improve their command of the language. Click here.


Foundation Level

Sylfaen - Expand your speaking skills. These courses are open to people who have previously completed a Mynediad Level course or have some proficiency in Welsh. Click here.

Advanced Level

Uwch - You will still concentrate on oral skills, but also be gradually introduced to Welsh radio, television and newspapers. Click here.

Welsh in a Week

A programme of intensive one week courses covering Mynediad (Entry) and Sylfaen (Foundation) and Canolradd (Intermediate) levels. Click here.  

One Day and Block Courses

One day and revison courses to help you practice and use your Welsh. Click here.

Fees and Concessions

For information regarding concessions please click here. Please see induvidual course tables for full details on all course fees.