Tutor and Learners win awards

Tutor and Learners win awards

Many congratulations to Caryl Clement who won the  “Tutor of the Year”award  and Kathy Isaac who won the “Learner of the Year”award  in the Welsh for Adults category at the Carmarthenshire tutors and learners awards evening held at Llanelli library recently. Many congratulations also to learners of the siawns am sgwrs class at Strade School for winning the group award “lerarners of the year “.

Caryl Clement works as a tutor development officer for the South West Wales Welsh for Adults Centre.  On reception of the award it was noted that a large number of learners  praised her for her support throughout the year and her willingness to take the learners on excursions in her own time and that these activities are very much enjoyed by the learners.

Kathy Isaac was delighted to be awarded “Learner of the Year”. Kathy currently attends a siawns am sgwrs class in Llanelli. Kathy began  learning Welsh six years ago and during that time her success has been vast. Last year she reached the final round of Learner of the Year at the National Eisteddfod in Denbigh.  She is now completely at home communicating in Welsh. She takes advantage of every opportunity to use Welsh outside the class, at church, school and in the community.

The learners of the siawns am sgwrs class at Strade School were also delighted in winning the group prize “learners of the year”.  They are taught by Caryl Clement. It was said that they are enthusiastic learners who get very much enjoyment from the lessons. One of the learners has had a job in a Welsh medium school thanks to these classes which have boosted her confidence in using the language.    

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Kathy Isaac