Dr Nikaki Represents the Institute of International Shipping and Trade Law

Upon accepting the invitation of the Arab Society for Commercial and Maritime Law, Dr Nikaki presented a paper at the 3rd annual Conference of the Society on “The Rotterdam Rules: Uniformity v. Diversity for the Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea – A Euro-Arab Perspective” held at Alexandria, Egypt in April 2009 (17-19 April). Her paper entitled “’Wet Multimodal Transport’: The Way forward?” focused on the “maritime plus” scope of application of the Rotterdam Rules.

The event was organised by the Arab Society for Commercial and Maritime Law in collaboration with the Law Schools of the following universities: Alexandria (Egypt), Cairo (Egypt) and Indiana (USA), as well as the Institut Mediterraneen des Transports Maritimes of Marseille (France) and the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (Egypt). The United Nations Commission on International Trade Law   (UNCITRAL), the driving force behind the Rotterdam Rules, was also represented at the conference with its representatives not only presenting papers but also actively involving in the discussions. The Conference was well-attended, attracting over 250 delegates from the international maritime community and became a venue for analytical debates over the Rotterdam Rules and their potential impact on practice."