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Research at the Hywel Dda Institute

Research at the Hywel Dda Institute

Research at the Hywel Dda Institute

Since its launch, the Institute has been research active in a number of directions, including the following specialist areas:


Wales within the Constitution: the Separate Jurisdiction Debate 

Parry, Jones and Bush have made significant contributions to recent public debate on the development of the legal system in Wales, the establishment of a separate Welsh jurisdiction, and the nature of the current constitutional settlement. For example, Bush delivered the annual Sir Elwyn Jones lecture at Bangor University in 2007, entitled, 'The Government of Wales Act 2006 - Getting Real about Welsh Devolution'. Jones gave a paper entitled, “Wales, Devolution and Sovereignty”at theW G Hart Legal Workshop at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in 2011. 


Their contributions to consultation exercises carried out by the National Assembly, the Welsh Government and the Silk Commission, and their impact, can be accessed here:

http://www.assemblywales.org/bus-home/bus-business-fourth-assembly-laid docs.htm?act=dis&id=241484&ds=12/2012




Language Rights: Welsh and the International Language Rights Framework

Parry and Bush have published extensively on the legal status of Welsh, and its significance to the broader international discourse on language rights. Bush’s work reflects on Welsh as a language of law-making in his paper, 'Deddfu yn y Gymraeg: Ail-gydio mewn Hen Ymgom' in the 2007 edition of the Cambrian Law Review.

Parry has contributed to a number of collaborative projects involving scholars from universities throughout the world that have evaluated the implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages, including a conference on the theme of Interpretation and Implementation of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages which was hosted by the Council for Galician Culture and the University of Santiago de Compostela on 23 February 2010. The fruits of the conference and the subsequent collaboration were published by Council of Europe Publishing in 2012.

Parry published his monograph, “Cymru’r Gyfraith: Sylwadau ar Hunaniaeth Gyfreithiol” (in English, ‘Legal Wales: observations on Legal identity’) in 2012. The monograph, written in the Welsh language, analyses those key themes which have inspired the development of Legal Wales. It reflects on Legal Wales’s constitutional, political, cultural, academic and legal dimensions, and draws on comparative and international perspectives. The monograph, which was made possible thanks to research funding awarded by Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, was published by University of Wales Press.


Legal History

Parry and Bush have been active in this field, with both in turn delivering the Welsh Legal History Society’s Youard lecture (Parry in 2010 and Bush in 2013). Parry’s monograph on the life of Sir David Hughes Parry was published by University of Wales Press in 2010, as a result of which he was elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.