Vienna Declaration of Human Rights and Programme of Action

On July 24th, Swansea University School of Law and the Welsh Centre for International Affairs co-hosted an international conference on the Vienna Declaration of Human Rights and Programme of Action after 15 years, which took place in the Temple of Peace, Cardiff. It brought together high internationally recognized academics and practitioners active the field of human rights protection, i.a. Professors Mads Andenaes, Eibe Riedel, Malcolm Evans and Luke Clements, Ms Julia Häusermann, and Dr von Bernstorff. Swansea University Law School was represented by convenors Professor Volker Roeben and Dr Helen Quane, and Ms Jane Williams. Presentations and discussions focused on the continuing relevance and the current challenges of the VPDA, the universality of human rights, their interdependence and interrelatedness, and effective implementation, in a globalising world. The format allowed for intensive exchange between the speakers and for interaction with the wider human rights community including representatives of the Welsh Assembly Government. A publication is planned.

The conference reflects the high profile of human rights law including its teaching and study at postgraduate level and international law and theory more broadly at Swansea University Law School. As such, the conference situated itself in a series of international academic events which started in 2009 with a conference devoted to “Theorising the Global Legal Order” (Professors Halpin and Roeben) and which will continue in 2010 with “New Uses of the Sea: the future of the UN Convention on the Law of Sea.