It's for the public good - and yours too

"Pro bono" means "for the public good" and in the legal profession it describes services offered for no charge. This may include talking to groups about aspects of the law or giving free advice in a citizens' advice bureau.

It might mean providing advice or representation on issues such as asylum, homelessness or miscarriage of justice. Or it could mean advising charities on acquiring premises or employing staff. Most law firms provide pro bono services in some shape or form. Swansea LPC encourages all students to consider taking part for the following reasons:

  • Pro bono activity reflects a commitment to the best ethical traditions of the legal profession.
  • The activities students get involved in, from fund-raising to giving presentations, provide excellent opportunities to develop legal and transferable skills.
  • Experience of pro bono work can improve your employability and help you decide your future career path.
  • It introduces you to practising lawyers and other contacts in the profession.
  • But above all, pro bono work is intrinsically valuable and worthwhile.

Street Law and Adviceline Cymru are two ways Swansea students have volunteered:

Knowing your rights

People involved in a dispute or complex legal process must know and understand their legal rights. To address this aspect of pro bono work, Swansea LPC and GDL students have set up a Street Law programme. 

Under this scheme students on the LPC and GDL, supported by their tutors, work with schools and community groups to identify legal concerns. The students then research relevant material and present their findings to the partner groups in a user-friendly form.

Through discussion, role-play and other interactive methods, students and community group members both learn about the law in context.

Advice lines

Adviceline Cymru is a bilingual service which provides callers with information, can recommend other appropriate local organisations and services and will also set up face to face appointments when needed.

The Citizens' Advice Bureau charity invites English and Welsh-speaking volunteers from across South Wales East to help answer the phones.

A number of Swansea LPC students have volunteered to be trained as telephone advisers by Citizens' Advice.