Student Testimonials

Here is what some of our GDL Graduates have to say about us…

Isabel Roszkowski

Isabel Roszkowski

“I completed the GDL at Swansea University in 2010. I wanted to gain practical legal experience before continuing my studies, so found a position as a paralegal at a local high street firm. Whilst the work was interesting and challenging, I knew I wanted to work for a larger commercial firm.

I moved to London and began applying for training contracts whilst working as a paralegal in Herbert Smith. I was lucky enough to be offered a contract with Edwards Wildman, a small city firm which combines a small trainee intake with top quality work and high calibre clients. Before beginning my training I worked in-house for a start-up technology company to acquire a further diversity of experience. The position allowed me to gain valuable exposure to IP work, which is an area of law I am particularly interested in. I am currently in my first seat in the Commercial Litigation department which so far has been interesting and varied. I am enjoying my training contract and look forward to the next two years”.


Phil Cox

Phil Cox

"Having attended a number of Clifford Chance events, I successfully applied to attend the Firm's winter vacation scheme, which presented the opportunity to vastly expand my understanding of the Firm’s work and the Firm’s environment. Successful candidates were given a variety of talks from senior members of the Firm about topics ranging from corporate transactions and capital markets, to pro-bono work. Those who attended the vacation scheme then undertook a series of tests, before being selected to attend interviews the following week. Shortly after the final interview, I was offered a training contract and I was delighted to accept. I am incredibly excited to begin my training with the Firm in February of 2017."


Faye Phillips


Faye Phillips

"I really enjoyed studying for my GDL at Swansea University. The staff were very friendly and helpful, especially Karen Davies who was a great personal tutor and course leader. It was an intensive course and a lot of hard work was needed but it was an amazing year. I made a lot of friends and found the whole university atmosphere to be friendly and welcoming. I decided to stay in Swansea after completing the GDL and applied only to Swansea for my LPC as I couldn't find any reason to study anywhere else."

Chris Sexton

“I undertook the GDL because I had decided to change career from secondary school teacher/freelance equestrian/farmer to law. I have never enjoyed any academic study as much as I enjoyed the GDL. I found law absolutely fascinating, and it informed my understanding of society as a whole - it has changed me as a person, making me more tolerant and understanding of others and, in particular, the organisations which govern our lives. It was an extremely challenging and, at times, frustrating course, but it is one I would gladly do again. The sense of achievement I felt when I graduated was immense.  I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.”

Rhiannon Davies

“I thoroughly enjoyed the GDL, it was an intense course but the one that I have enjoyed the most.  The Programme Director was extremely helpful and supportive – I don't think Karen could have done more to provide guidance and support.”

Chris Davies

“I enjoyed the GDL as it only teaches practical law subjects.  The standard of teaching on the GDL was very good (particularly Andrew Iwobi - anyone who can make a subject like trusts interesting deserves a medal), and Karen Davies the course coordinator was extremely helpful and approachable.”

Rebecca Dunn

 “I decided to do the GDL after I'd finished my undergrad degree in sociology - I chose to do it in Swansea mainly because it’s my hometown, but also a friend of mine was doing the course and really recommended it. It was a really tough year, which I expected, but I really enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it.”

Rachel Davies

“Very high quality of teaching, good support from the Programme Director, good balance of coursework and exams.  Studying the GDL in a year, despite being intense, has been beneficial for my study of the LPC because areas of law such as contract and land law are still fresh in my mind, whilst for many undergrads they studied these topics 2-3 years ago.”

Sharon May

“I found the course well structured and the staff were always very willing to make time if there was something you didn't understand. I had several conversations with Karen Davies over the phone before I started and she was really helpful by giving me a good indication of what to expect. I was impressed that the person with responsibility for running the course was willing to take time out of her day to answer my e mails and return my calls - this allayed many of my fears.”

Leeanne Harvey (Pass with Distinction)

Leeanne Harvey (Pass with Distinction)

“An intensive, well taught course that will provide anyone thinking of a career in law with a good legal grounding. I enjoyed every minute of it!”

Susan Shackson (Past recipient of the Nigel Kaiyanni Prize)

“As a mature student with a young family, I did wonder whether I would be able to cope with the demands associated with such an intensive course as the GDL. However, with a lot of hard work and the help of some very supportive teaching staff I managed to succeed in achieving my Diploma with Distinction.”

Lisa Jones

"As a graduate in medical microbiology changing to law was a huge jump, however the staff could not have been more helpful, approachable and welcoming.  The GDL is admittedly an intense and challenging course but it was enjoyable till the end and has given me a good basis for a career in law."

James Rees

James Rees

“The GDL is a challenging but ultimately rewarding course. Even if a career in law were not your long term aim, it’s surprising how valuable a good grasp of the law can be, not just in your career but in everyday life. It astonishes me how the law permeates everything.”

Luisa Hopkinson

“The GDL needs a lot of commitment and is a real challenge. I was exhausted - but on results day it was well worth it!”

James Golunski

"The GDL is an intensive learning process but also a rewarding one.  The course is made easier by enthusiastic and dedicated staff who are always eager to help"

Ross Marriott

“The Swansea GDL is an intensive but rewarding experience. It provides a fast and effective route to the legal world, and is constructed in such way that it is not long before a student begins to think and act like a lawyer, regardless of their previous discipline. The teaching aims and materials are clear and concise, complemented by the excellent support offered by the conscientious and committed staff. The result is a course that leaves the student confident in his ability to succeed at the highest level.”

GDL staff and students get together to relax after a rewarding year of study.

GDL staff and students get together to relax after a rewarding year of study.