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    The School of Law recently hosted a 6th Form Conference

    On April 1st 2011 the School of Law hosted a 6th Form Conference which was attended by over 50 pupils from Schools/Colleges in Swansea and Gorseinon. The Conference has become an annual event (since 2009) and has proved popular with students and teachers alike. Once again, this year’s Conference was a success, with students and teachers commenting to organisers on how much they enjoyed the event. The Conference gives pupils the opportunity to visit the School of Law and experience teaching within a University setting.  Students are able to participate in seminars which are organised by lecturers from the School of Law on various topics. This year these included: a seminar held by Dr Patrick Bishop (LLB Admissions Tutor) on the extent to which the law is able to protect against the invasion of privacy. The session focussed on a number of high profile cases involving celebrities and the developing law and the balance struck between the right to private life (under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights) and freedom of expression (Article 10).  Another seminar, led by Richard Caddell, dealt with the topic of human trafficking and the key legal provisions under international and European law to deal with these crimes. The seminar also examined some of the problems that the UK government and law enforcement agencies have faced in fighting trafficking and implementing these international commitments. The students were also able to participate in a seminar on Young People's Autonomy Rights in the Context of Medical Treatment which was led by Alison Perry.


    6th Form Conference 2011 (1) 

    Dr Patrick Bishop delivering one of the seminars


    Adopting a different approach to the seminars, and moving away from academic law to law in practice, members of the Legal Practice Team at the School of Law provided a session during which students enacted an Employment Tribunal in which they had to consider a scenario involving age discrimination. This session was given by Richard Davies and Laura Howden-Evans. This session was given a degree of realism as Laura Howden-Evans is a judge of the Employment Tribunal. Other members of the LPC team, Michael Draper and Amanda Rees conducted a session in which students worked in small groups to identify a law that they would like to see introduced and to present the arguments in favour. This produced several interesting proposals.  

     6th Form Conference 2011 (2)  

    Pupils attending one of the seminars


     Dr Simon Hoffman, who was one of the organisers of the Conference commented that: ‘the conference was a great success with strong representation from students studying law at local schools and colleges. The School of Law is very pleased to arrange this type of Conference as it gives 6th form students the opportunity to enjoy seminars on topics which they might not otherwise come across, but also to offer them a taster of the university teaching environment. We are very pleased with the way the Conference went, students were very enthusiastic and feedback on the day was that they thoroughly enjoyed the experience’.


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