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    National Student Survey 2008 Results Confirm Teaching Excellence at Swansea

    Swansea Law School is delighted with the results of the latest National Student Survey. The Survey, commissioned by the Higher Education Funding Council for England, provides students at UK universities with an opportunity to express their views on their higher education experience.  Conducted annually, the National Student Survey allows students to comment frankly and anonymously on a range of issues including the quality of teaching on the course, learning resources and overall levels of satisfaction.  In view of the rigorous nature of the Survey, the Law School is understandably pleased with the Survey results.  In terms of overall satisfaction levels, Swansea Law School is ranked first among Law Schools in Wales and shares 11th place among Law Schools in the United Kingdom with a score of 94% in the Survey (see further, table below). 

    The National Student Survey clearly demonstrates a high level of student satisfaction with the quality of teaching, academic support, learning resources and opportunities for personal development in Swansea.   In particular, our students were very positive about the ability of staff to explain things (95%), the level of staff enthusiasm for their subjects (93%), and the intellectual stimulation on the course (93%).  They responded positively to questions about the organisation and management of the course with 92% agreeing that the course is well organised and running smoothly.  The quality of our Learning Resources was also commented on favourably, with 93% of students agreeing that the library resources and services were good for their needs and 94% agreeing that they were able to access general IT resources when needed.  Swansea Law School is keen to maintain and increase such high levels of student satisfaction and keeps under active consideration all aspects of its degree schemes with a view to enhancing the quality of our students’ higher education experience.




    University Law School


    Overall satisfaction levels

    Cambridge University         95%
    Swansea University         94%
    Bristol University         94%
    Aberystwyth University         92%
    Birmingham University         92%
    Exeter University         91%
    Manchester University         91%
    Liverpool University         90%
    Southampton University         90%
    Essex University         89%
    Nottingham University         89%
    Cardiff University         89%
    Sheffield University         83%
    Durham University         82 %
    Leeds University         82 %
    London School of Economics         81 %
    City University         79 %
    Westminster         69%

     (Source: Unistats)  



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