Medicine and Machines: Hacking the Regulatory Algorithm

Horizon scanning and road mapping the regulatory digital and artificial intelligence blueprint of tomorrow

This Wellcome Trust funded project involves undertaking a series of activities with academic, computing industry and digital tech innovators which are designed to explore the ways in which Big Data, Mobile Technology, Cloud Storage, Bots, Machine Learning and A.I. are transforming the healthcare and professional regulatory landscapes.

Two ‘horizon scanning’ questions drive its activity:

1. What new opportunities for collaboration between the public, professional, technological and financial sectors are emerging in the healthcare and regulatory spheres as a consequence of contemporary developments in A.I.?

2. In what ways could regulatory performance management and disciplinary tribunal processes and decision-making in the future become partially (or even wholly) subject to automated regulatory algorithms overseen by artificially intelligent neural networks?

The project will publish a report of its activity in January 2019. If you are interested in receiving a copy of the report please contact Dr Marty Chamberlain on

Hacking the Regulator

200 x 15822nd March 2018 - 9.30am-3.30pm at the Wellcome Trust

Big data, mobile tech, text mining, machine learning and A.I. are disruptive technologies which are transforming the delivery and quality assurance of health services.

This event will examine their potential to transform the ways in which health practitioners are regulated by professional bodies such as the General Medical Council. It brings together academics and tech developers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, with the goal of producing a digital blue print for future potential collaborative activity with professional associations, such as the Royal College of Physicians, and health and social care regulators, such as the Professional Standards Association.

Confirmed participants include representatives from the GMC; ESRC UK Data Service; ADRC Wales; FARR Institute; Royal College of Physicians Health Informatics Unit; Dryson Technologies Group; DeepMind Health; NHS Digital; and the Health Foundry;  amongst others.

Outputs will be presented on the 18th April 2018 to representatives from regulatory bodies, professional associations and the NHS, at "The Regulatory Algorithm Hacked" showcase. 

Hackerthon resources will be uploaded here in due course: Link Icon to Folder

Please contact us to register your interest in this event. 

Regulatory Algorithms

200 x 158‌18th April 2018 9.30am-3.30pm at the Royal College of Physicians

This will focus on providing participants with the opportunity to discuss and reflect upon, the result of an earlier conceptual hackathon.

The workshop will identify the regulatory response to the outputs generated and also stimulate networking and collaboration between tech industry and regulatory professional bodies.  The goal being to identify a common ground from which to move forward over the following months with a clearer long term vision of what the future digital health landscape and regulatory spheres might entail.

So far confirmed attendees include representatives from: the GMC; the GPhC; the GDC; the NMC; the PSA; the Royal Society; the Royal College of Physicians; the Royal College of General Practitioners; the Nuffield Trust; and the Wellcome Trust; amongst others

Regulatory Algorithms Resources will be uploaded here in due course.

Please contact us to register your interest for this event. 

Hacking Back

200 x 158‌18th July 2018 - 9.30am-3.30pm - Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law

This ‘Hacking Back’ event gives academics, practitioners and members of the public the opportunity to respond to previous event outcomes and brainstorm how core 'good governance' notions of trust, transparency and accountability might shift as a result of the shift toward Algorithmic Regulation in the field of Health. In doing so, it will explore what the implications of new technologies for the future of the professions might be - could professional regulators become deskilled in the same way as the expert groups they monitor are in danger of doing? 

Hacking back resources will be uploaded here in due course.

Please contact us to register your interest in this event. 


Academic and research conference 2018: fitness to practise

Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Great Park, 8 & 9 March 2018

Project conference workshop resources will be uploaded here in due course. 


For enquires about the project, please contact Dr Marty Chamberlain

Email: j.m.chamberlain

Twitter: @JMChamberlain

Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law

Richard Price Building, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP 


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This is a Wellcome Trust funded project.  

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