All members of the IISTL are highly research active. Collectively the Institute has a large number of books and articles published under its members' names. For this and other reasons, members frequently participate, by invitation or otherwise, in conferences and public events to share their findings.

Below you will find a summary of the main events that some members of the IISTL attended in the course of 2017:

The Director, Prof B. Soyer, on the invitation of the Judicial College addressed senior commercial judges and Chancery judges (including members of the Court of Appeal) on the Insurance Act 2015, a major piece of reform that came into force on 12 August 2016. The event was held at the Royal Courts of Justice on 31 January and attracted an excellent turn-out. Professor Soyer was accompanied by Peter MacDonald-Eggers QC, also a member of the IISTL, and together they evaluated aspects of the Act regarded as likely to engender litigation. Professor Soyer also presented a paper at a Research Workshop, Strengthening International Fisheries Law in an Era of Changing Oceans, organised by Utrecth University in February 2017.

Panel 2

Professor Baughen (on the left) and Associate Prof Nikaki (on the right) debating as part of a Panel.

In May Professor Baughen delivered a paper on “Demurrage Timebars” at ASDEM's biennial conference. He was also asked to deliver the keynote speech to the maritime law section of the Society of Legal Scholars 'Hierarchies of Maritime Law. Brexit and Beyond' on 7 September 2017.

Associate Professor Nikaki attended a conference on “The Need of Reform of Greek Maritime Law, organised by Athens Law School in association with Pireus Bar Association and the Pireus Admiralty Court  in June and presented a paper titled “Limitation of Liability: In Need of Reform?.” Her session was chaired by the vice president of the Greek Supreme Court, Miss Chrydoula Paraskeva. She also delivered a paper on “FLNGs and Seaworthiness” at Global Shipping Law Forum organised by the Queen Mary University in July.

Panel 3

Mr Justice Males, Associate Professor Leloudas and Professor Soyer (from left to right) at a Conference organised by the IISTL.

It has been a busy last few months for Associate Professor George Leloudas as well. On 26 January 2017, he organised  for second consecutive year in collaboration with the Air Law Group (ALG) of the Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), Quadrant Chambers and Ince & Co a seminar entitled “Brexit: the legal & operational implications. Risks and opportunities”. 

The seminar looked at the risks, costs and opportunities for the aviation industry that arise from the Brexit vote in the UK and the Trump victory in the US. It provided an excellent forum for sophisticated discussions on numerous practical questions about the legal and operational implications of the disentanglement from the European Union and on the potential effect of the Trump victory on the ongoing multilateral liberalisation of air services worldwide. He also chaired the session on "Challenges of Settlement & Emerging Insurance Issues" at the 10th Annual McGill Conference on International Aviation Liability and Insurance held in May. 

In addition Professor Andrew Tettenborn presented papers to the triennial conference of the Piraeus Bar on the liabilities of ship financiers, and to a conference on insolvency held at City University in April 2017 on the subject of marine insolvency and Brexit.