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You will receive lectures in all core modules and most of the optional modules. Their principal purpose is to enable students to see the broad framework of the subject, communicate the content of the law as it stands and to provide an insight into the values which underpin the subjects. Some lectures may also be devoted to developing the skills required to answer essay and problem-type questions. Students are expected to be able to respond to occasional questions during lectures.


Seminars are common to all modules and are held weekly or fortnightly. Their format differs widely. They may involve a general discussion directed by the lecturer, group work or individual presentations. All seminars involve detailed consideration of previously distributed questions. A considerable amount of preparation is required for seminars, and the purpose is to deepen the understanding of the law and inculcate legal skills.

E-resources tuition

The Law Library subscribes to a wide variety of electronic legal databases covering case law, legislation, journal articles and indices over a wide range of specialisms and jurisdictions. Examples are Lexis, Westlaw, Lawtel, Casetrack ,Celex ,IOLIS and The Electronic Law Reports. Training in using these databases is offered in scheduled groups and as informal one- to-one teaching on request. A drop-in workshop is also run weekly by the Law Library team throughout the academic year. It offers students the chance to asdk questions on legal research matters. In some cases, such as with Westlaw, external experts offer additional training.


Mooting involves two pairs of "advocates" arguing a fictitious legal appeal in front of a judge. We have a purpose-built mooting court equipped with audio/visual recording facilities. The College's programme of mooting activities develops legal skills of analysis and interpretation, but also personal skills of argument and public speaking.  Our students have competed at national competitions, including those organised by the Inns of Court and the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting. The School's mooting co-ordinator is Alison Perry.