Level 1

Compulsory Modules

Induction/Legal Skills (Credits 0) (0 ECTS)   

All level one students will attend a legal induction course, which takes place during the first two weeks of the academic year.  This course is primarily designed to introduce the key features of the legal system in England and Wales. Topics considered will include: sources of law, the law making process, the court system, the role of judges,  statutory interpretation and law reform.  In addition, the course will focus on the development of essential study skills such as legal research, reading cases and essay writing.

Level 2

 Compulsory Modules

30 Credits' worth of Law options from the following

Law of Property I - (Land Law) (Credits 30) (15 ECTS)

Family Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Equity & Trusts (Credits 30) (15 ECTS)

Commercial Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Criminal Law (Credits 30) (15 ECTS)

Human Rights Law (Credits 30) (15 ECTS)


Legal Skills 11 (Credits 10) (5 ECTS)

Level 3

120 Credits' (60 ECTS) worth of Law Options from the following:

Family Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Criminal Evidence (Credits 30)  (15 ECTS)

Human Rights Law (Credits 30) (15 ECTS)

Employment Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Planning and Nature Conservation (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Antisocial Behaviour: Law, Policy & Practice (Credits 10) (5 ECTS)

Environmental Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

International Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Commercial Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Foundations in Legal Practice (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Competition Law (Credits 30) (15 ECTS)

Dissertation (Credits 20) (10 ECTS) 

E-Commerce Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Legal History of Wales (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Sports Law (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)

Terrorism: the Legal response (Credits 10) (5 ECTS)

Cymru'r Gyfraith (Credits 20) (10 ECTS)


 *At Level 3 LLB Law (Crime and Criminal Justice) students will study Criminal Evidence, Criminal Law: Procedure, Sentencing & Theory worth 30 credits each and optional modules worth 60 credits from a specified list.


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