College of Law and Criminology

Our mission

The College is made up of the Undergraduate Legal Studies Department (including Professional Legal Studies), Postgraduate Legal Studies Department and Criminology. Our mission is to:

  • Engender and support research of world-leading and international quality
  • Provide an outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate student experience
  • Raise the profile of Law within the Academy and beyond, and
  • Act as one of the drivers of the regional knowledge economy.

The strategic aims of the College are to: 

  • Maintain and develop a reputation as a leading research college 
  • Recruit high quality domestic and overseas students
  • Produce well-educated and employable graduates and postgraduates
  • Recruit well-qualified and motivated research students to develop our strong postgraduate research culture
  • Achieve the highest external recognition and accreditation for our educational programmes
  • Develop and deliver an attractive portfolio of market-led academic programmes, and
  • Recruit the highest quality academic and administrative staff to support these aims.