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“Studying modern languages at Swansea afforded me a career that I would never have thought possible. I cannot stress enough the benefits and positive impact that having language competencies on a CV have on a potential employer. I didn’t realise it at the time, but a language degree can really open doors you never even thought existed. I am now Head of Communications at the Marketing and Communications Department, Formula I, Germany.”- Chris Hughes

Berlin Study Trip 2013

Teaching News

  • German students (above) enjoyed a study trip to Berlin during Easter 2013.
  • The Department is delighted that Pete Jones, who teaches video production and digital media, received a Distinguished Teaching Award at Graduation on 8 July 2013. Pete has taught Media in Swansea since 2008.
  • Ute Keller, who teaches German language and co-ordinates the Year Abroad for students of all languages, has won a Vice-Chancellor’s Award ‘in recognition of her truly outstanding dedication to her students’ and a record third nomination for a Distinguished Teaching Award.

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