Description of service

Swansea University’s E-mail System is based on Microsoft Exchange and is available via Outlook on the desktop, in a browser over the web, and using mobile devices such as phones or tablets.

The supported mail clients are Microsoft Outlook 2010 and above running on PCs, Macs, IOS (iPhones, IPads, etc) and Android.

Web access is available via https://mobile.swansea.ac.uk

Login is via the usual University login credentials.

A number of other email clients can connect - common 3rd party clients are documented here: http://swis.swan.ac.uk/

Use of email clients on personally owned devices is supported but those devices are then subject to the University’s Computing Regulations.

Mailboxes currently have no size restrictions for Staff, and 1GB for Students. Deleted mail is available for recovery for 6 months. Full backups for protection against major disaster are kept for 1 year.

Please contact the Service Desk if you have lost email(s) and need them recovered.

Legacy public folders are available to staff but are considered “deprecated”. Staff are encouraged to use other solutions – i.e. SharePoint, Shared Mailboxes, and the CRM system.

Mailing Lists can be created in Exchange and managed via Outlook. If you need a mailing list with non-Swansea University users, then please contact the Service Desk.

Staff E-mail addresses are based on data generated by the University’s HR department. Errors or official name changes (e.g. Marriage, Religious requirements) in e-mail should be directed at HR in the first instance. Contact details can be found on HR’s web pages.

Student email addresses are based on the student number generated through the admissions process.

How to get help

The University’s knowledgebase is a good starting point to help resolve any queries you may have.

Comprehensive documentation and tutorial for Outlook and other products is to be found at https://support.office.com/

Requests for shared mailboxes, public folders, mailing lists etc, as well as for help with Exchange and Outlook should be made via the Service Desk.

Service Owner / Delivery Team

Steve Owen,
Associate Director and Head of IT Services,
Information Services and Systems

Contact details are available here

NB. Please contact the Service Desk for all support enquiries, issues and suggestions.

Hours of operation / support

This service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

The support is offered by the Customer Service Team, whose hours vary across the academic year – these can be found here.

More complex queries that the Customer Service Team are unable to resolve will be dealt with between 8.30am and 4.30pm, Monday to Friday.