Italian Research

Lecturing staff are active in academic research. Current research interests include the theoretical writings of Umberto Eco, translation and censorship in Fascist Italy, crime fiction, Italian modernism, and social and political control in Mussolini's Italy. Recent or forthcoming publications include Twentieth Century Italy. A Social History(Longman) by Dr Jonathan Dunnage, and a volume by Dr Simona Storchi on Unsettling Modernity. Periodicals, Intellectuals, Debates in 1920s Italy (Legenda). Current work in progress includes volumes on Eco and Aesthetics(Dr Jonathan Smith); Massimo Bontempelli (Dr Simona Storchi); The Policing of Fascist Italy (Dr Jonathan Dunnage); The 'Mito Americano' in Fascist Italy (Dr Jane Dunnett); A History of Post-War Italy (Prof. Gino Bedani).

Staff research interests & publications:


Dr Jonathan Smith

G Bedani