Studying Italian at Swansea

Italian at Swansea offers a balanced and attractive choice of undergraduate programmes and activities to students who are beginners in Italian.  Most of you will have studied other modern languages before coming to Swansea. This will give you a good background for your university study of Italian. But those of you who have little or no background in languages should also be able to follow the course successfully. The important thing is that you have the motivation to begin the study of a language and culture which have been important in the past and are becoming ever more important today in the context of the European Union. For details of undergraduate degree schemes in Italian look at our  Italian Undergraduate Information Italian Undergraduate Brochure or click here for Undergraduate programme information and UCAS codes.  See what current students are talking about in our Italian student blog.

We also offer wide-ranging opportunities for postgraduate study, with Italian modules offered as part of the MA in Translation with Language Technology, both run by the Department of Modern Languages. Research degrees in a wide range of areas covering 19th- and 20th-century Italy are also available. For details of postgraduate degree schemes, please refer to Postgraduate Studies.


The undergraduate Italian joint honours programme includes a mixture of language and culture modules.  To find out more about the current course content and structure, look at our Italian course pages.

Year Abroad

You have three options for your third year of study in Italy: 1) Studying at one of the Italian universities with which we have flourishing exchanges: Bergamo, Bologna and Siena; 2) Teaching English in an Italian state school or, 3) working in paid employment, subject to approval of the placement.

Company Partnerships

We work with employers to ensure that useful workplace skills are embedded in teaching and we encourage students in looking for work placements. 

Student Experience

There is a vibrant campus culture for Italian students including a thriving student society: and the regular Cinema in Piazza which shows Italian films.  See the student blog for more information on the student experience of studying Italian.

Learning Languages at Swansea

One Language

All our modern languages degrees combine both language and cultural learning in the first and second years before spending a year either studying or working abroad in the country of your chosen language.  In your final year you take both language and cultural studies modules.  All students benefit from our dedicated language labs with access to language channels and an extensive archive of foreign language films.  We are currently the only university to offer the chance to study several European languages through the medium of Welsh.   For more information on Single Honours degrees in Modern Languages and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Two Languages

There are a variety of two language degree options at Swansea university combining French, German, Spanish, Italian and Welsh.  For all the two language degrees you will take half your modules in one language and half in the other, covering both language skills and cultural learning.  In the third year you will study abroad in the country of one of your chosen languages, before returning for a final fourth year.  For more information on combinations and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Three Languages

At Swansea University we offer students a unique opportunity to study three languages and position yourself perfectly for the global employment market.  Majoring in two language subjects you can opt to select a third language through our Languages for All module programme which will either introduce you to, or help you improve a third language.  As with our other modern languages programmes you will spend the third year of your four year degree studying or working abroad in the country of one of your two major languages.  For more information on combinations and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Joint Degrees and Languages for All

Modern languages degrees at Swansea University can be studied in combination with a wide range of other subjects in the College of Arts & Humanities, or with geography, economics or law.  It is also possible to study some of our languages as a Single Honours degree with business as a minor element.  For more information on combinations and UCAS codes, visit our admissions pages.

Languages for All (LFA) is an introductory programme which gives students studying any degree (not just languages), the opportunity to gain basic language skills while earning credits for their degree programme.  Introductory modules are currently available in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Welsh.  The French and Spanish modules are also available through the medium of Welsh.

Andy's story

Andy Patton, Spanish and Italian graduate

"My name is Andy Patton and I am a Swansea University graduate with a Joint Honours degree in Spanish and Italian.  Both departments offered me a great range of exciting modules and with their friendly staff I thoroughly enjoyed my study at Swansea.  One of the most attractive aspects of my degree was the inclusion of a study year abroad.  In the 2007/08 academic year, I went to Italy to study at the Alma Mater Studiorum Universita’ di Bologna, from which I now have 11 months worth of fantastic memories.  My experience in Italy has now led me to what I am doing now.  As International and Overseas Students’ Officer for Swansea Students’ Union, I have been elected by the students to represent the International Student body within the University and personally will always promote study abroad schemes to every student, at every level, in every degree scheme."