Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

You can use the University's printing service to print, copy and scan. Our printers and photocopiers within the library provide the following facilities:

  • Printing and photocopying available in colour as well as black and white (printing is double-sided by default).
  • Printing to A3 and A4 paper sizes.
  • Scanning to folder and email.

How to use the library printing service

How to set up your card for printing/photocopying

1) Register your card

Firstly, you will need to register your student/staff card for printing by setting up a PIN number before adding credit:

  1. Please present your student/staff card at any photocopier/printer in the library.  Place your card on the card reader on the right hand side, this will activate the registration screen.
  2. On the screen you will then see 4 options – ‘Username’, ‘Password’, ‘PIN number’ and ‘Re-type PIN number’.
  3. Enter your username – For students it is your 6 digit student number only, for staff it is the first part of your email address.
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Enter a PIN number– you create your own 4 digit PIN number.  Enter your PIN number (again) for security.
  6. Press OK.  You are now registered on the network.

2) Add credit for printing/photocopying


  • You can add credit to your student card using the kiosks located on level 2 (at the bottom of the stairs opposite the porters desk) and in the PC room on level 4.  
  • Alternatively, if the print credit machines are unavailable please see a member of the Customer Service Team at the Information Desk in the Bay and Singleton libraries.


  • You can charge printing/copying in the library back to your college department.   To do so, please complete a request form which are available at the Information Desk in the library or email the Customer Service Team to have a form emailed directly to you. 
  • This form will then need to be authorised with a financial code by your department.


  • Copycards to operate library photocopiers / printers can be obtained from the library information desk in all branches.  A refundable Copycard costs £3.00 and must be charged with credit before use.
  • Credit is placed on the card by placing it on the card area on the top right hand side of the kiosks and inserting coins or notes.  The cards can be returned after use for a full refund of the £3 deposit.

How to Print, Copy, Scan

Once you have registered your card and added credit you can print, copy and scan documents.


When you have reached the print menu on your PC:

  1. Send the print job to the ISS mono queue for black and white printing or ISS colour for colour printing.
  2. The default setting will be to print your document on both sides of the paper.   If you would like your document printed on one side only then this will need to be changed in the printing preferences on your PC. A3 printing is also available but this also needs to be changed in the print settings.
  3. Go to one of the printer/copier machines. Place your card in the card area on the top right of the machine and enter your PIN number. 
  4. You should then see your documents on the touch screen and can select what you want to print. The screen will tell you how much money will be deducted from your account.

Sending from a mobile device (laptops, tablets and smartphones)

If your mobile device can access the internet then you can print from it. Go to and login as normal. Choose the file(s) to print which will then  be sent to the printer. We support Microsoft Office, Open Office, PDF files and various image file formats.


Once you have logged into the printer/photocopier you must select copy, then check settings such as one or two sided and colour or monochrome. To copy, place the documents either one at a time on the flatbed scanner or many pages at once through the top feed scanner. 


Log into the printer/photocopier select the scan option, this will give you two options:

  • To scan your document to your student/staff account (scan to folder).
  • To send it to your student/staff email address as a PDF attachment (scan to e-mail).

Please note that scanning is free - however, please make sure that you have at least 10p on your printing account to enable you to use the scanning service.


Type Cost
Mono A4 5p
Mono A3 10p
Colour A4 30p
Colour A3 60p
Scan to email or folder Free
  • The default is to print double-sided, although you can change this in the printing preferences on your PC. The cost of printing is per sheet rather than per side, i.e. if you print double-sided you get 2 sides of print for the same price as for a single side.
  • There is no cost for scanning to email or to your P:drive folder.  However, there needs to be at least 10p credit on your printing account to access the printers/photocopiers.
  • Please note:  there are no refunds for any credit left on your printing account.


The printers/photocopiers are located in the following areas in the Bay and Singleton Libraries:

Bay Library

There are two printers/photocopiers located in the South wing, one in PC Room 1 and one in the Central area.‌

(See Bay Library floor plan).

Bay Library Payment Kiosks (to add printing credit)

These are located opposite the Information Desk in the Bay Library.

Singleton Library

Level 2 West

There are three printers/photocopiers situated opposite the vending machines, next to the first staircase as you enter the building.‌

Level 3

There are four printers/photocopiers on this level - three at the rear of the study hall and one in training room 2.

Level 4

There are two printers/photocopiers in the open access PC room. There is also one printers/photocopier available in the quite study area, next to the newspapers.

(See Singleton Library floor plans).

Singleton Library Payment Kiosks (to add printing credit)

  • Level 2 West, near the vending machines, next to the first staircase as you enter the building.
  • Level 4, the machine is in the open access PC room next to the two printer / copier machines.

South Wales Miners Library

The printer/photocopier is located near the Information Desk.

College of Arts and Humanities

The printer/photocopier is located in room 35 in the Talbot Building.

Bay College of Business & Economics (CBE)

The printer/photocopier is located in room 117 of the CBE Building.

Printing FAQs

If you have a printing query, please search our FAQs.  If you still require further assistance with printing, please contact Customer Services

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